Music for Bassoon: Etudes & Solo Music

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Bianchi- Twelve Etudes for Bassoon pub. Schirmer Inc.
Bozza-  Fifteen Daily Studies op. 64 pub. Leduc
Concone-  The Singing Bassoon pub. Emerson Edition 
Giampieri- Sixteen Daily Studies for the Perfection pub. Ricordi 

Jancourt- Twenty Six Melodic Studies for Bassoon  pub. Universal Edition 
Milde-  Twenty Five Studies in Scales and Chords Opus 24 for Bassoon pub. Kalmus   
           Fifty Concert Studies for Bassoon Opus 26 (Vols 1 & 2 combined)  pub. Kalmus 
Twenty Melodic Studies for Bassoon 
Bravoura Studies for Bassoon pub. International Music Co. 
Ozi- Forty Two Caprices pub. International Music Co. 
Piard- Sixteen Characteristic Studies for Bassoon pub. International Music Co.
Satzenhofer-Twenty Four Studies for Bassoon pub. International Music Co.
Vaulet- Twenty Studies for Bassoon pub. Rubank Inc.
Weissenborn- Studies Op8 #2 (edited by Waterhouse) pub. Universal Edition

Solo Bassoon (w/o accomp): 

Arnold, Malcolm  (1921 – 2006) Fantasy
Carter, Elliott: Retracing for solo bassoon
Jacob, Gordon (1895 – 1984) Partita 
LeBaron, Anne:  After a Dammit to Hell for bassoon solo (1982)
Osborne, Willson (1906 – 1979) Rhapsody for bassoon solo (1958)
Persichetti, Vincent (1915 – 1987) Parable IV (1969)
Solo Bassoon (w/ piano accomp): 
Berwald: Concert Piece
Bertoli - nine sonatas
Besozzi, Jérôme (1713 –1786) Sonate (in B♭) bassoon and continuo (1750) Boismortier - various sonatas
Bozza: Recit, Sicilianno & Rondo
Cascarino, Romeo - Sonata
Crusell: Concertino for Bassoon
Devienne - Six Sonatas
Dutilleux - Sarabande et Cortege
Etler, Alvin (1913 – 1973) Sonata
Fasch, Johann Friedrich (1688 – 1758): Sonata [in C] for bassoon and continuo (1730c)
Jeanjean, Paul - Prelude et scherzo
Galliard, John Ernest (1687 – 1747) Six Sonatas
Gould, Glenn: Sonata for Bassoon and Piano (1950) 
Grovlez: Sicilienne et Allegro Giocoso
Hindemith, Paul (1895 – 1963): Sonata for bassoon and piano (1938)
Hurlstone - Sonata in F
Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus, (arr. Waterhouse): Sonata K. 292 
Pierne, Gabriel - Solo de Concert, Op. 35
Previn, Andre: Sonata for Bassoon
Ravel, Maurice (arr. Schoenbach) Alborada del Grazioso
D’Rivera, Paquito - Lauro for bassoon (Five Venezuelan Waltzes for Solo Bassoon)
Saint-Saëns, Camille (1835 – 1921)  - Sonata in G
Schreck Sonata 
Tansman - Sonatine
Tansman, Alexandre - Suite
Telemann, Alexandre - Sonata in F Minor

Bassoon solo (w/ orchestra accomp) :
Amram, David, Concerto for Bassoon
Bach,  Johann Christian: Bassoon Concerto in Bb, 
Bassoon Concerto in Eb major 
Bitsch, Marcel: Concertino for Bassoon and Orchestra (1948)
Elgar, Edward: Romance
Jacob, Gordon: Concerto for Bassoon (orch. or band)
Kalliwoda, Variations for Bassoon & orchestra in Bb Op.57
Fučík, Julius: Der alte Brummbär Polka for bassoon and orchestra, op. 210 
Hummel, Johann Nepomuk (1778 – 1837): Grand Concerto in F
Jolivet, André: Concerto for Bassoon (1954)
Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus (1756 – 1791): Concerto in Bb K191 (1774) 
Rossini, Giachino: Bassoon Concerto 
Stamitz, Carl: Bassoon Concerto in F major 
Weber, Carl Maria von (1786 – 1826): Bassoon Concerto in F, op. 75 (1811)
Weber, Carl Maria von: Andante e Rondo Ungarese for bassoon and orchestra (1813)
Williams, John- The Five Sacred Trees, Concerto for bassoon and orchestra (1997) 
Wolf-Ferrari, Ermanno, : Suite-concertino for bassoon and chamber orchestra (1933)
Zwilich, Ellen Taaffe: Concerto for bassoon and orchestra (1992)
Bassoon and strings (chamber and orchestra)
Françaix Jean - Divertissiment
Gubaidulina , Sofia (1931-  ): Concerto for Bassoon and Low Strings (1975)
Nussio, Otmar: Variations on a Theme of Pergolesi
Phillips, Burrill:  Concertpiece 
Villa-Lobos, Heitor- Ciranda das Setas Notas for bassoon and string orchestra
Vivaldi- 36 concerti
Strauss, Richard: Duet Concertino for clarinet and bassoon with strings and harp (1948) 
from Wikipedia (‘Bassoon solo’)
Johann Friedrich Fasch: Several bassoon concerti; the best known is in C major
Christoph Graupner: Four bassoon concerti
Johann Wilhelm Hertel: Bassoon Concerto in A minor
Georg Philipp Telemann: Sonata in F minor
Antonio Vivaldi: 39 concerti for bassoon, 37 of which exist in their entirety today
Jan Dismas Zelenka: Six trio sonatas for two oboes, bassoon and basso continuo
Johann Christian Bach:
Bassoon Concerto in B♭
Bassoon Concerto in E♭ major
Franz Danzi:
Bassoon Concerto in G minor,
Bassoon Concerto in C
2 Bassoon Concerto in F major
François Devienne:
12 Sonatas (six with opus numbers)
3 Quartets
Bassoon Concerto
6 Duos Concertants

Johann Nepomuk Hummel: Grand Concerto for Bassoon (in F)
Leopold Kozeluch:
Bassoon Concerto in B♭ major (P V:B1)
Bassoon Concerto in C major (P V:C1)
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart: Bassoon Concerto in B♭, K. 191, the only surviving of the original three bassoon concertos he wrote
Antonio Rosetti:
Bassoon Concertos in F major (Murray C75)
Bassoon Concertos in B♭ major (Murray C69, C73, C74)
Bassoon Concerto in E♭ major (Murray C68)[28]
Carl Stamitz: Bassoon Concerto in F major
Johann Baptist Vanhal: Bassoon Concerto in C major
    Concerto in F major for two bassoons and orchestra

Franz Berwald: Konzertstueck
Ferdinand David: Concertino for bassoon and orchestra, op. 12
Edward Elgar: Romance for bassoon and orchestra, op. 62
Johann Nepomuk Fuchs: Bassoon Concerto in B♭ major
Julius Fučík: Der alte Brummbär ("The Old Grumbler") for bassoon and orchestra, op. 210
Reinhold Glière: Humoresque and Impromptu for Bassoon and Piano, op. 35, nos. 8 and 9
Camille Saint-Saëns: Sonata for bassoon and piano in G major, op. 168
Carl Maria von Weber:Andante e rondo ungarese in C minor, op. 35
Bassoon Concerto in F, op. 75
Twentieth century
Luciano Berio: Sequenza XII for solo bassoon (1995)
Pierre Boulez: Dialogue de l'Ombre Double for bassoon and electronics (originally for clarinet, transcribed for bassoon by the composer – 1995)
Edison Denisov
Cinq Etudes for bassoon (1983)
Sonata for solo bassoon (1982)
Franco Donatoni: Concerto for bassoon (1952)
Henri Dutilleux:
Sarabande et Cortège for bassoon and piano (1942)
  Deux sonnets de Jean Cassou for bassoon and piano (originally for baritone and piano, transcribed for bassoon and piano by Pascal Gallois with the composer's approval – 1954/2011)
Alvin Etler: Sonata for bassoon and piano (1951)
Jean Françaix:
Quadruple Concerto for flute, oboe, clarinet, bassoon and orchestra (1935)
Divertissement for bassoon and string quintet (or orchestra) (1942)
 Le coq et le renard (The Rooster and the Fox) for 4 bassoons (1963)
 Sept impromptus for flute and bassoon (1977)
Trio for oboe, bassoon and piano (1994)
Two pieces for bassoon and piano (1996)
Glenn Gould: Sonata for Bassoon and Piano (1950)
Sofia Gubaidulina:
Concerto for bassoon and low strings (1975)
Duo sonata for two bassoons (1977)
Paul Hindemith:
Sonata for bassoon and piano (1938)
Four pieces for cello and bassoon (1941)
Concerto for trumpet, bassoon and orchestra (1949)
Concerto for flute, oboe, clarinet, bassoon, harp and orchestra (1949)
Bertold Hummel:
Concertino for bassoon and strings, Op. 27b (1964/1992)
5 Epigrams for bassoon solo Op. 51 (1973)
Divertimento for bassoon and violoncello, Op. 62 (1978)
Gordon Jacob:
Concerto for bassoon, strings and percussion
Four Sketches for bassoon
Partita for bassoon
Paul Jeanjean: Prelude and Scherzo for bassoon and piano (1911)
André Jolivet: Concerto for bassoon, strings, harp and piano
Lev Knipper: Concerto for bassoon and strings (1969)
Charles Koechlin: Sonata for Bassoon and Piano (1918)
György Kurtág: Játékok és üzenetek for solo bassoon (1986–2001)
Mary Jane Leach: Feu de Joie for solo bassoon and six taped bassoons (1992)
Anne LeBaron: After a Dammit to Hell for bassoon solo (1982)
Peter Maxwell Davies: Strathclyde Concerto no.8 for bassoon and orchestra
Francisco Mignone:
Double Bassoon Sonata
16 valses for Bassoon
Willson Osborne: Rhapsody for bassoon
Andrzej Panufnik: Concerto for bassoon and small orchestra (1985)

Sergei Prokofiev: Humoristic Scherzo for four bassoons, op. 12b (1915)
Einojuhani Rautavaara: Bassoon Sonata (1970)
Alan Ridout: Concertino for bassoon and strings (1975)
Wolfgang Rihm: Psalmus for bassoon and orchestra (2007)
Richard Strauss: Duet Concertino for clarinet and bassoon with strings and harp (1948)
Franklin Stover: Capriccio Borgogna for bassoon and chamber orchestra (encore) (1999)[29]
Stjepan Šulek: Concerto for bassoon and orchestra
Alexandre Tansman:
Sonatine for bassoon and piano
Suite for bassoon and piano
John Williams: The Five Sacred Trees: Concerto for bassoon and orchestra (1997)
Ermanno Wolf-Ferrari: Suite-concertino for bassoon and chamber orchestra (1933)
Ellen Taaffe Zwilich: Concerto for bassoon and orchestra (1992)

Twenty-first century
Eric Ewazen: Concerto for Bassoon and Wind Ensemble (2002)
Kristian Oma Rønnes: 12 Bassoon Studies (2009–2011)[30]
Branko Okmaca: Metamorphosis for bassoon solo (2007); Concerto for bassoon and orchestra (2009)[31]
Robert Paterson: Sonata for Bassoon and Piano[32] (2001); Elegy for Two Bassoons and Piano[33] (2006–07)
Franklin Stover: Double Concerto for bassoon, contrabassoon, string orchestra (2010)[29]
Graham Waterhouse: Bassoon Quintet (2003); Bright Angel for three bassoons and contrabassoon (2008)
Robert Rønnes: 5 Sonatas for Bassoon and Piano (1994–2009)
Patrick Nunn: Gonk for Bassoon and Sound File (2004)
More Wikipedio (‘Bassoon Concerto‘)

Michel Corrette, Concerto in D Major Le Phénix for four bassoons and continuo
Caspar Förster, Concerto
Johann Gottlieb Graun, Concerto in C Major
Christoph Graupner, Four Bassoon Concerti in C Major, GWV 301, C Minor, GWV 307, G Major, GWV 328 and B flat Major, GWV 340
 Franz Horneck, Concerto in E flat Major
František Jiránek, Bassoon Concerti in G Minor and F Major
Antonín Jiránek, Four Bassoon Concerti
Johann Melchior Molter, Four Bassoon Concerti (including Concerto in B flat Major, MWV 6.35)[1]
Antonín Reichenauer, Three Bassoon Concerti in C Major, F Major, and G Minor[2]
Antonio Vivaldi, 37 Bassoon Concerti, RV 466-504 (RV 468 and 482 incomplete)[3]
Johann Christian Bach, Two Bassoon Concerti in E flat Major (W C82) and B flat Major (W C83)[4]
Capel Bond, Bassoon Concerto No. 6 in B flat Major (1766)
Bernhard Henrik Crusell, Bassoon Concertino in B flat Major
Franz Danzi, Four Bassoon Concerti in F Major (2), C Major and G Minor
François Devienne, Five Bassoon Concerti
Luigi Gatti, Bassoon Concerto in F Major, L7:e4
Johann Nepomuk Hummel, Bassoon Concerto in F Major, S. 63/WoO 23
Leopold Kozeluch, Two Bassoon Concerti in B flat Major, P V:B1 and C Major, P V:C1
Gustav Heinrich Kummer, Concerto in F Major
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Bassoon Concerto (1774)
Johann Baptist Georg Neruda, Concerto in C Major
Johann Heinrich Christian Rinck, Concerto[5]
Antonio Rosetti, Bassoon Concerti (C69, C73-C75)
Carl Stamitz, Bassoon Concerto in F Major
Johann Baptist Vanhal, Bassoon Concerto in C Major, Concerto for Two Bassoons and Orchestra
Anselm Viola, Concerto in F Major (1791)
Johann Christoph Vogel, Concerto in C Major

Ferdinand David, Concertino, Op. 12 (1838)
Édouard Du Puy, Concerto in C Minor (also, Bassoon Quintet in A Minor, often performed as a concerto)
Johann Nepomuk Fuchs, Concerto in B flat Major
Ludwig Milde, Concerto in A Minor
Giachino Rossini, Bassoon Concerto (attributed to Rossini, authenticity questionable)[6]
Carl Maria von Weber, Bassoon Concerto in F Major, Op. 75 (1811)
Ermanno Wolf-Ferrari, Suite-concertino in F Major, Op. 16 (1932)
20th/21st century
Dieter Acker, Concerto (1979, rev. 1980)[7]
Murray Adaskin, Concerto (1960)
Mark Alburger, Concerto, Op. 120 (2004); Triple Concerto, Op. 201 (bn, cbn, hp, 2012)
Raffaele d'Alessandro, Concerto, Op. 75 (1956)
David Amram, Concerto (1970)
Jurriaan Andriessen, Concertino for Bassoon and Double Woodwind Quintet (1962)
Allyson Applebaum, Concerto (1995)
Tony Aubin, Concerto della Brughiera (1965)
Tzvi Avni, Concerto (2002)
Conrad Baden, Concerto, Op. 126 (1980)
Henk Badings, Concerto for Bassoon, Contrabassoon and Wind Orchestra (1964)
Andrei Balanchivadze, Concertino (1969)
Larry Bell, Concerto, Op. 45 The Sentimental Muse (1997)
Alain Bernaud, Concertino da Camera (1962; completed 2012)[8]
Umberto Bertoni, Concerto
Bernard van Beurden, Concerto for Bassoon and Wind Ensemble
Judith Bingham, Concerto (1998)
Marcel Bitsch, Concertino for Bassoon and Orchestra (1948)[9]
Alexander Blechinger, Concerto, Op. 111
Daniel Börtz, Concerto for Bassoon and Band (1978-79)[10]
Eugène Bozza, Concertino for Bassoon and Chamber Orchestra, Op. 49 (1946)
Colin Brumby, Concerto
Victor Bruns, Four Bassoon Concerti, Op. 5 (1933), Op. 15 (1946), Op. 41 (1966) and Op. 83 (1986), and Contrabassoon Concerto, Op. 98 (1992)
Glen Buhr, Concerto (1996)
Henri Büsser, Concertino, Op. 80
Frits Celis, Concertino, Op. 38 for bassoon, violin, viola and cello (1992)
André Chini, Goëlette de jade Concerto for Bassoon and Strings (1999-2000)
Wilson Coker, Concertino for Bassoon and String Trio (1959)
Dinos Constantinides, Concerto, LRC 154a
Andrzej Dobrowolski, Concerto (1953)
Franco Donatoni, Concerto (1952)
Pierre Max Dubois, Concerto Ironico (1968)
Jack Curtis Dubowsky, Concerto (2005)[11]
Sophie Carmen Eckhardt-Gramatté, Triple-Concerto for Trumpet, Clarinet, Bassoon, Strings and Timpani, E. 123 (1949);[12]Concerto for Bassoon and Orchestra, E. 124/125 (1950)[13]
Helmut Eder, Concerto, Op. 49
Anders Eliasson, Concerto (1982)
Eric Ewazen, Concerto for Bassoon and Wind Ensemble (2002)
John Fairlie, Concerto
Jindřich Feld, Concerto (1953)
John Fernström, Concerto, Op. 80 (1945)
Eric Fogg, Concerto (1931)
Bjørn Fongaard, Concerto for Bassoon and Orchestra, Op. 120, No. 12; Concerto for Bassoon and Tape, Op. 131, No. 10
Jean Françaix, Divertissement for Bassoon and String Orchestra (1942), Concerto for Bassoon and 11 String Instruments (1979)
Stephen Frost, Concerto (1999, rev. 2004)[14]
Anis Fuleihan, Concertino (1965)
René Gerber, Concerto (1935-39)[15]
Launy Grøndahl, Concerto (1942)[16]
Sofia Gubaidulina, Concerto for Bassoon and Low Strings (1975)
Aharon Harlap, Concerto (2004)[17]
Bernard Heiden, Concerto (1990)
Jacques Hétu, Concerto (1979)
Frigyes Hidas, Concerto for Bassoon and Wind Ensemble (1999)
Paul Hindemith, Concerto for Bassoon and Trumpet (1949)
Peter Hope, Concertino
Caleb Hugo, Concerto[18]
Bertold Hummel, Concerto, Op. 27b
Gordon Jacob, Concerto (1947)
André Jolivet, Concerto (1951)
John Joubert, Concerto, Op. 77 (1973)
Ernest Kanitz, Concerto (1962)
Jouni Kaipainen, Concerto (2005)
Yuri Kasparov, Concerto (1996)
Manfred Kelkel, Concerto, Op. 13 (1965)[19]
Carson Kievman, Concerto for Bassoon (and Fire Alarm System) for bassoon and percussion ensemble (1973)[20]
Lev Knipper, Concerto for Bassoon and Strings (1969)[21]
Rudolf Komorous, Concerto
Ezra Laderman, Concerto (1954)
Marcel Landowski, Concerto for Bassoon and Strings (1957)
Lars-Erik Larsson, Concertino, Op. 45, No. 4 (1955)
Olof Lindgren, Concertino, Op. 56 (1986)[22]
Elizar Lombaridze, Concerto No. 1 (1971), Concerto No. 2 (1974)[23]
Ray Luke, Concerto for bassoon and orchestra or wind ensemble (1965)
Mathieu Lussier, Double Concerto for Trumpet (or Flute) and Bassoon[24]
Ernst Mahle, Concertino (1980)
Jeff Manookian, Concerto (2008)
Per Mårtensson, Concerto (2002)
Peter Maxwell Davies, Strathclyde Concerto No. 8 (1993)
André Mehmari, Concerto for bassoon, harp and strings (2009)[25]
Chiel Meijering, "Neo-Geo" Concerto
Francisco Mignone, Concertino (1957)
Oskar Morawetz, Concerto (1994)[26]
Marjan Mozetich, Concerto for Bassoon and Strings with Marimba (2003)[27]
Ray Næssén, Concerto for Bassoon and Wind Band
Andrzej Panufnik, Concerto (1984) (in memory of Jerzy Popiełuszko)
Boris Papandopulo, Concerto
Jiří Pauer, Concerto (1949)
Jaroslav Pelikán, Concertino: Variations for bassoon, string orchestra, harp and timpani (2000) [28]
Jean-Louis Petit, Les Paradis Se Rencontrent, Ils Ne Se Fabriquent Pas Concertino for Bassoon and Mandolin Orchestra with Contrabass (2002), Concertino for Bassoon and Orchestra[29]
Craig Phillips, Concerto (2002)[30]
Johnterryl Plumeri, Concerto[31]
Arthur Polson, Concerto
Amando Blanquer Ponsoda, Concerto (1977)
Augusto Rattembach, Concierto con algo de Tango
Alan Ridout, Concertino
Wolfgang Rihm, Psalmus for bassoon and orchestra (2007)
Jean Rivier, Concerto (1964)[32]
Nino Rota, Concerto (1974-77)
Marcel Rubin, Concerto
Harald Sæverud, Concerto, Op. 44 (1964)
Stellan Sagvik, Svensk (ångermanländsk) Concertino, Op. 114e (1982)
Friedrich Schenker, Concerto (1970)
Gunther Schuller, Concerto "Eine Kleine Fagottmusik" (1985)
Maurice Shoemaker, Concerto (1947)
Thomas Sleeper, Concerto (1993)[33]
Gunnar Sønstevold, Concertino (1973)
Michał Spisak, Concerto (1944)[34]
Allan Stephenson, Concerto (1990),[35] Concertino for Two Bassoons and Orchestra (1999)
Franklin Stover, Double Concerto for Bassoon, Contrabassoon and Orchestra (2010)
Stjepan Šulek, Concerto (1958)
Eino Tamberg, Concerto (2000)
Christopher Theofanidis, Concerto (1997-2002)[36]
Henri Tomasi, Concerto (1961)
Marc Vaubourgoin, Concerto (1968)[37]
Gwyneth Walker, Concerto (2000)
Stanley Weiner, Concerto, Op. 21 (1969)
Arthur Weisberg, Concerto (1998)
Alec Wilder, Air for Bassoon and Strings (1945)
John Williams, The Five Sacred Trees (1995)
Guy Woolfenden, Concerto (1999)[38]
Gerhard Wuensch, Concerto (1976)
León Zuckert, Concerto (1976)
Ellen Taaffe Zwilich, Concerto (1992)[39]

Other famous pieces for bassoon and orchestra include Berwald's Konzertstück, Elgar's Romance, Villa-Lobos's Ciranda Das Sete Notas, and Weber's Andante e Rondo Ongarese.
from Wikipedia (‘Bassoon Sonata’)
Johann Andreas Amon, Sonata Concertante in F Major, Op. 88
Giovanni Antonio Bertoli, nine sonatas (1645)
Philipp Friedrich Böddecker, Sonata sopra "La Monica" (1651)
Joseph Bodin de Boismortier, various sonatas (1730s)
François Devienne, six sonatas (1788?)
Johann Friedrich Fasch, Sonata in C (authorship uncertain)
Johann Ernst Galliard, six sonatas for bassoon or cello (1733)
Miguel de Lope, Sonata for bassoon and continuo (1791)
Luigi Merci, six sonatas for bassoon or cello, Op. 3 (c. 1735)
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Sonata in B♭ major, K. 292
Etienne Ozi, various sonatas
Anton Reicha, Sonata in B flat, Op. Posth.
Georg Philipp Telemann, Sonata in F minor
Anton Liste, Sonata, Op. 3 (c. 1822)
William Hurlstone, Sonata in F Major (1904)
Julius Röntgen, Sonata in A Flat minor (1929)
Camille Saint-Saëns, Sonata in G major, Op. 168 (1921)
Gustav Schreck, Sonata in E flat, Op. 9 (1887)
20th century
Eduardo Alemann, Sonatina, Op. 72, No. 2 (1957)
Jurriaan Andriessen, Sonata (1989)
Susana Antón, Sonatina
Hans Erich Apostel, Sonata, Op. 19, No. 3 for solo bassoon (1951)
Violet Archer, Sonatina (1978), Sonata (1980)
Edward Arteaga, Sonata (1993)
Boaz Avni, Sonata (1996)
Robert Baksa, Sonata (1991, rev. 2005)
Konstantin Batashov, Three Sonatas (1974-76)[1]
Richard Rodney Bennett, Sonata (1999)
Niels Viggo Bentzon, Sonata, Op. 316 (1972)
Olav Berg, Sonatine (1995)
Antonio Bibalo, Sonata (1991)
Willem Frederik Bon, Sonata for bassoon solo, Op. 32 (1970)
Robert J. Bradshaw, Sonata No. 7 "Ad Hoc" for bassoon and strings or piano
Algimantas Bražinskas, Sonatina (1958)
Victor Bruns, Three Sonatas, Op. 20 (1952), 45 (1969) and 86 (1988)
Romeo Cascarino, Sonata (1950)
Mario Castelnuovo-Tedesco, Sonata, Op. 130 (1946)
Barney Childs, Sonata (1964)
Arnold Cooke, Sonata (1988)
Jean Coulthard, Lyric Sonatina (1970)[2]
Michael Cunningham, Parisian Sonata, Op. 72 (1981)
William D. Davis, Sonata (1969)
Serge de Gastyne, Sonatina, Op. 58 (1972)
Pierre Max Dubois, Sonatine Tango (1984)
Horst Ebenhöh, Sonatine, Op. 47/4 for bassoon solo (1987)
Helmut Eder, Sonatina, Op. 34/3 (1963)
Iván Erőd, Sonata Milanese, Op. 47 (1985)
Alvin Etler, Sonata (1951)
Eberhard Eyser, Sonata for bassoon solo (1973)
Ferenc Farkas, Sonatina Based on Hungarian Folk Songs for double bass, cello or bassoon and piano (1955); Sonate Romantique (1985)
Jindřich Feld, Sonatine (1969)
Bjørn Fongaard, Three Sonatas, Op. 109, No. 1 (1971) and Op. 125, Nos. 14 and 15 (1973); Sonatina, Op. 126, No. 17
Cláudio de Freitas, Sonata (1998)
Merab Gagnidze, Sonata for bassoon solo; Sonata for bassoon and timpani
Odette Gartenlaub, Sonatine (1959)
Harald Genzmer, Sonata for bassoon solo (1974)
Glenn Gould, Sonata (1950)
Eduardo Grau, Sonata (1969)
Czesław Grudziński, Sonata No. 2 (1984)
Sofia Gubaidulina, Duo Sonata for two bassoons
Anthony Hedges, Fantasy Sonata, Op. 104 (1986)
Lennart Hedwall, Sonata for bassoon solo (1977)
Paul Hindemith, Sonata (1938)
Alan Hovhaness, Sonata for two bassoons (1977); Sonata for oboe and bassoon, Op. 302 (1979)
Bertold Hummel, Sonatina (1976)
Yuri Kasparov, Sonata-Infernale for solo bassoon (1989)
Kjell Mørk Karlsen, Choral Sonata No. 2, Op. 13, No. 2 (1971)
Ulysses Kay, Sonata (1941)
Homer Keller, Sonata (1955)
Brian Kershner, Sonata (1989)
Ron Klimko, Sonata (1997)
Charles Koechlin, Sonata, Op. 71 (1918)
Ellis Kohs, Sonata (1953)
Serge Lancen, Sonatine (1983)
Terje Bjørn Lerstad, Sonata, Op. 192 (1989)
David Loeb, Two Sonatas for solo bassoon (1975, 1990)
Otto Luening, Sonata (1970)
Juliusz Łuciuk, Sonata (1954)
Ivar Lunde, Jr., Sonata, Op. 78 (1982)
Mathieu Lussier, "White Rock" Sonata, Op. 28[3]
Trygve Madsen, Sonata, Op. 25
Ernst Mahle, Sonata (1969), Sonatina (1974)
Pierrette Mari, Sonatine (1964)
Władysława Markiewiczówna, Sonatina (1954)
Arnold Matz, Sonatine (1987)
Brady McElligot, Sonata (1982)
Marcel Mihalovici, Sonata (1958)
John Mitchell,[4] Sonata, Op. 36 (1979)
Oskar Morawetz, Sonata (1981)
Nicolas Nabokov, Sonata (1941)
Ray Næssén, Sonata Divina
Vaclav Nelhybel, Sonata da Chiesa No. 3 "Variations on 'Our God Almighty'" for trombone, bassoon or oboe and organ (1977)
Lazar Nikolov, Sonata (1976)[5]
Ivo Petrić, Sonata (1954)
Gabriel Pierné, Prélude de Concert (1933)
Wolfgang Plagge, Three Sonatas, Op. 43 (1989/90), Op. 74 (1993) and Op. 123 (2007)
Graham Powning, Sonata for two bassoons
Gerhard Präsent, Erödiana (Capriccio Erödico) for bassoon (or cello) and piano (1996), for Iván Erőd
André Previn, Sonata (1999)
Salvador Ranieri, Sonatina (c. 1990)
Einojuhani Rautavaara, Sonata, Op. 26 (1970)
Verne Reynolds, Sonata
Alan Ridout, Sonata (1972)
Peter Schickele, Sonata Abassoonata, S.888 (1996) Schickele's program notes state that "the bassoonist plays both the bassoon and piano parts simultaneously...the pianist...runs on only in time to play the last two measures"
Robert Schollum, Two Sonatinas, Op. 55/3 and Op. 57/3
Nikos Skalkottas, Sonata Concertante, A/K 67 (1943)
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21st century
Teddy Abrams, Sonata (2007)
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Nancy Galbraith, Sonata (2004)
Ivan Jevtić, Sonata (2005)[8]
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David Maslanka, Sonata for Bassoon and Piano (2003)[9]