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    The (orchestra) world is going crazy!

    September is traditionally a dicey time for orchestras and contracts, as the opening concert(s) can be a powerful deadline, but I don't ever remember this kind of co-ordinated all out assault on our profession. 

    Headlines from just the past week:

    Chicago Symphony is now out on strike:

    Minnesota Orchestra is heading for the brink:

    St. Paul Chamber Orchestra, same deal:

    Lockout in Atlanta:

    Orchestras big and small are affected:


    Napa Valley

    It's affecting the image of the country as a whole:

    Nevertheless, even internationally, the disease has spread:

    What is to come? Who knows. I'm just trying to build this site and trying to not think too much about it all....



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    Reader Comments (1)

    Note that each orchestra mentioned has a hyperlink to a current news article!

    September 23, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterPaul Barrett

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