Catalogue of Works (this list is not yet complete)

Solo Bassoon

   A Likely Story

Seventh Heaven 

Concert Etudes 

Bassoon Quartet 

Just foolin’ around

Bassoon and Oboe


Woodwind Trio


Wind Quintet


Three Piggs

Wind Octet 


Bassoon and Strings

  Duet for Violin and Bassoon

Pupus for Bassoon and string trio

  Cowboys & Indians for Bassoon and String Quintet



Bassoon Quartet

  Verdi- Macbeth 

Lennon-McCartney- I am the Walrus 

Debussy- St. Sebastien (excerpt) 

Wind Quintet 

Peter and the Wolf

 Full Orchestra

Commissions from the Honolulu Symphony Education Department

Stodala Pumpa

  La Cucuracha

Pupu Hinuhinu

Hawaiian Lullaby

Comissions for Honolulu Symphony Pops Concert

Christmas pieces


(more details and pieces TBA)