Lesson fees are charged by the month. Payment is due at the beginning of each month or weekly. There are no refunds if you discontinue lessons mid-month


Weekly rates:

30 minutes- $34.00 

45 minutes-  $51.00 

60 minutes- $68.00


My monthly rates are as follows:

(for four lessons)

30 minutes- $136.00 

45 minutes-  $204.00 

60 minutes- $272.00


        My absence policy is as follows:     You will be charged for unexcused absences. You will not be expected to pay for any lessons that I need to cancel.



There will be no lessons 

on these vacation days 

(I will teach on other other holidays on a case-by-case basis):




New Year’s Day

4th of July


I am usually available over Spring Break for those who want lessons.



    Due to everyone’s busy schedule missed weeks are inevitable, but the best progress is made by having a weekly lesson. I try to be able to see all my students weekly. My schedule does not ordinarily allow for make up lessons. However, if you bring to my attention upcoming time problems soon enough, I am happy to try 

to accommodate you


Regarding excessive absences: Many of my students are involved in many other activities besides violin and I fully support this.  However, I do depend on the income from my teaching; there is a waiting list of students who could use my otherwise unused time; and most importantly, 

I want to encourage parents and students to be consistent 

with lesson attendance. 


What is an Excused Absence?


Notice that is given to me by the night before or by 8:00 am.

 the morning of the lesson!


Last-minute excused Absences are defined as follows:

Medical situations including fever, an active contagious illness, injury to the arm or hand, 

or some other emergency  beyond your control


Other than the reasons listed above, calling at the last minute to cancel is not considered an excused absence.


    Regularly occurring events such as bad traffic or sporting events, 

for example, are not considered 

an excused absence.


I expect that my students 

will use their best efforts

 to attend lessons weekly 

(and to practice daily!) 

e E  e E  e E  e E  e E  e E  e

Things you will need to get started:

Violin (rent or buy),

Shoulder Rest  (Kun or Foam),

Rosin, Suzuki Book and CD,


You can find violin supplies here:

CK Violins  589-1188

   Music Center of Hawaii 596-8742