Cards are sold in assortments of 8. 

Currently available are:

Musicians, Deconstructed Musical Instruments, Christmas, Angels and two sets of Hawaiian Impressions. 

The assortment price is $15.00, with a $5.50 flat rate shipping and handling charge

 regardless of how many are ordered (after 6 packets the shipping rate goes to $12.00).

Please also include 4.71% Hawaii State Excise Tax

You can pay and order via Paypal or by contacting me directly and paying by check.


My mailing address is: 1297 Ulupii St. Kailua, Hawaii 96734


Send an email to 

with your mailing address and the name(s) of the assortment(s) you want

and I will start the packaging process while waiting for the check to arrive in the mail! 


for one pack = $.47 for two packs = $.94 for three packs = $1.41 for four packs = $1.88



Deconstructed Instruments







Hawaiian Impressions #1

Hawaiian Impressions #2